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Bryan Melchior provides

Nuclear Environmental Liability Transfer 


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Bryan Melchior

Bryan Melchior is an experienced Executive level environmental services expert.  He possesses over 30 years of Executive Business Development leadership in the environmental services community.  His experience is broad and deep and includes projects with transactional figures exceeding $1 Billion.  Mr. Melchior was the original author and creator of the Nuclear Power Industry changing Life-of-Plant Radioactive Waste Disposal Agreement capturing an 87% market share.  He also conceived of the industry changing $1.1 Billion dollar Zion Nuclear Power Station environmental liability transfer project. 


Bryan recently completed a life-long dream of sailing the North Atlantic and Caribbean Oceans with his sweetheart and after three years at sea, is returning to land.  Melchior now intends to continue his endeavors in the environmental services community.


Bryan Melchior introduced the concept of environmental liability transfer to the nuclear industry.  Although this concept has manifest in the hazardous waste community, it is not mainstream by any means, especially in nuclear.


What is environmental liability transfer?  We take title to your property, including the environmental liabilities, and indemnify you against future claims in perpetuity.  The client is generally elated to hear such options exist, and for Melchior and the new owner, everything else is about hedging risk.  Three agreements will generally follow at closing.  They are: (1) a title transfer (2) transfer of the funds (3) a consent decree or equivalent with authorities.  Before entering in such agreement, we have performed extensive due diligence and constructed a complete map to a profitable project success.


Companies and industry with environmental liabilities on their ledger should contact Bryan Melchior for more information.

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