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Private Catamaran
Day Tour

Climb aboard Your Own Luxury Catamaran. Leave the land at your stern and travel the southern islands of Bahamas.  The Ocean Awaits you!

  1. Alcoholic Beverages and Meal Provided

  2. Depart at 9 am, Return 4 pm

  3. Extend your Charter on Demand

  4. Includes powered dinghy, paddle board & Kayak

  5. We can fulfill any request

  6. Includes Captain, Cook, & Ships Mate

$1,999 per day


Sunset Cruise

Experience the Sunset of a Lifetime.  Bucket List Sunset Cruises Never Fail to Impress.  Caress your loved one over champagne, close a major business deal, capture viral social media video...

  1. Includes Yacht, Captain, and Mate

  2. Maximum 6 Adults

  3. We can fulfill special requests

  4. Alcoholic Drinks Provided, Special Requests Accepted

  5. Departs 2 Hours Before Sunset



$1,399 Trip


Term Charters

This is a multi-day island hopping charter that is customized to your particular desires. We provide Adventure, Leisure, and Popular Destination Custom Charter Itineraries. This is a true once-in-a-lifetime charter experience that is certain to create table talk for the rest of your life.

1. Includes Yacht, Captain, Chef & Mate

2. Maximum 6 Adults

3. All food, drink, meals & toys included

4.  Please contact us


We love meeting you over the phone and talking about all the things you will see and experience.

$2,999 per 24 hrs

Marbry is a privately owned, clean & luxurious Leopard Catamaran. We Provide Once in a Lifetime Yacht Charter experiences. Swim, Snorkel, Scuba, Birthdays, Sunsets, Romance. Term Charter Island Hopping Adventure. 5 Star Guarantee.

Boat & Charter

Tour the Yacht

Tour Preferred Anchorages

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